01 August 2017

Today's chore...

...and yesterday's. Walt went out yesterday morning and picked these haricots verts that he has grown in the 2017 vegetable garden. Today they'll have to be processed for cooking and/or freezing. Some chores are not unpleasant to tackle, however, and make you feel productive. This is about 1.2 kilos of beans, or slightly more than 2½ lbs.

Yesterday afternoon was not a time for doing chores. We went across the river for lunch with friends C. and M., who live about a mile from us as the crow flies. Our mutual friends Sue and Leon are visiting from Australia and staying there. We spent the afternoon, until about 7:30 p.m., having a fine "lunch" and some fine wine together. A good time was had by all, I think, and the weather was perfect. C. & M. are very generous and hospitable hosts.


  1. Nous quittons Grenoble ce matin pour aller chez mon frère. J'ai essayé plusieurs jours de suite de poster un message depuis (!) ma tablette, mais c'est juste quand on est pressé que ce stupide Blogger me demande le mot de passe que j'ai, bien entendu, oublié. Autrement, tout va bien.

    1. Est-ce que c'est une question de "cookies" ?

  2. Sitting in the kitchen snapping beans ... make you feel like you are back in the Carolinas ? :)

  3. I hope Sue and Leon are having a great time in the wonderful Loire Valley!
    I bought green beans at the store today, and yours look much, much nicer :)

  4. I can almost taste the snappiness of those crisp beans. Gorgeous.


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